Our philosophy

Health & Wellness Group was created as a socially committed organization, designed to coordinate actions - through its different activity areas, both commercial and nonprofit - in order to carrying out specific contributions to support the development of the Health and the Well-being for the Community - understanding both states as fundamental human rights -, acting from an effective and economically sustainable social intervention.

Health & Wellness Group's main mission is to coordinate and provide specific contributions for the essential development of health and quality of life, to promote the welfare of the community, addressing the problems of the evolution of humanity and the growth trend of life expectancy.

For this, Health & Wellness Group focuses its activities in the fields of culture, education, information, knowledge, health and welfare, to allow access to all socioeconomic levels.

Health & Wellness Group adheres to the principle that companies do not only exist to generate profits but rather they generate utilities to contribute. Thus Health & Wellness Group articulates a network of commercial enterprises and a nonprofit organization. One goal is economic to sustain enterprises and nonprofit entities, another goal is to promote social and economic benefit to the community.

It is important for Health & Wellness Group to help the community understand the impact of production activities on our health and environmental health, as well as on the well-being of the community that is projected towards the future welfare of our children, without exception.

The principle that underlies our actions is to work on the "micro" and the daily thing that affects the whole spectrum of society, that is to say, the specific needs and objectives of individuals, families and small social units.

And because, in this universe, we find needy social sectors and social sectors wealthy, is that we have developed similar work units as for their objectives and benefits, a totally gratuitous one and without profit aims, and others economically sustainable and profitable, in order to maintain total costs of the organization, including particularly the Community aid area.

The foundation and integral sustenance of our work proposal is given by the extensive knowledge and experience guided toward the rational and applicable models of Health and Well-being, always oriented to the promotion and consolidation of a coexistence in a sustainable environment.